Monday, December 8, 2008

  • Justice for Families
    A site dedicated specifically to helping Massachusetts families fight the DSS monster. Nev Moore has put together an awesome amount of very practical information, original research, and brilliant analysis. She is very clever at figuring out the real meaning of their rhetoric, seeing through their trickery, and exposing it. In fact, she is probably the best out there at figuring out the wiles and ways of their system of family destruction. A MUST SEE.

  • John Birch Society
    The only truly national organization who advocates "Less Government, More Responsibility, And - With God's Help - A Better World." John Birch has chapters in the Commonwealth, and has turned its attention increasingly to the problem of government interference in families. Search for a great article on its web site called, "The Child Protectors".

  • MassNews
    A series of articles on Attorney Hession's effort to fight corruption in Middlesex Probate and Family Court.

    A site with excellent content on how to deal with child protection agencies, from Attorney Mike Humiston in Utah - Applicable to all states.

  • CPSWatch
    A great collection of articles, and legal information on how to fight the child "protectors."

    An anti-war, anti-state collection of new articles every day, from some of the finest minds on the planet.

    A massive collection of material about how to fight false allegations of abuse, from Attorney Barbara Johnson of Andover, Massachusetts.

  • Kjos Ministries
    Excellent collection of articles to help you analyze the culture and fight enemies of the family, church, and true education. This site has major emphases on the child protection racket, home schools, and intrusions by government into families.

  • Profane Justice
    Another excellent site to get real information to fight back. The author of this site, Suzanne Shell, wrote THE book on how to fight DSS, called Profane Justice, which you can order from this site. Do it.