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Lifting the Veil

Lifting the Veil


What's New at Lifting the Veil
An overview of what is currently in progress on the Lifting the Veil web site.


A Critical Look at the Foster Care System
How great is the need for foster care? How safe are the services provided? What are the trends for the future of these children?


A Critical Look at the Child Welfare System
Investigative techniques, assessment tools, caseworker turnover, reunification plans, falsification of records, caseworker training, and other issues are explored.


Efforts at Reform
For decades, child advocates have tried legislative measures, litigation, administrative restructuring, as well as a variety of other methods aimed at reforming public child welfare agencies. How effective have these strategies been at altering daily practice? The first article in a planned series explores over three decades of reform efforts in the state of Tennessee.

Child Abuse Reporting
How many of the over three million reports received annually by child welfare agencies are passed on for investigation? How is the number of reports used to manipulate public perception? How many reports actually involve allegations of severe abuse?

Reasonable Efforts
What problems was Public Law 96-272, the "reasonable efforts requirement," intended to address? Did the law enjoy any measure of success? Are the states in compliance with the law? Critics charge the law suffered from a lack of federal leadership, and that it was destined for failure.

Close Up: The Petro Audits
Luxury car leases, tickets to sporting events, country club memberships, a cruise, limousine services, personal loans, and political contributions. All at taxpayer expense, and all from money intended to be used for children in foster care.

Under Siege: The Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978
An alarmingly high percentage of Native American families are broken up by the removal of their children from them by nontribal public and private agencies. An introduction to The Indian Child Welfare Act. Is it working as intended?

The Lost Children
Children missing from foster care across the nation. Gone without a trace, they are among America's disposable children.

Eye on Kansas
Critics charge that privatization of foster care in the state of Kansas falls far short of the success that it was promised to be.

The Children: Casualties in America's War on Child Abuse
Special Reports including: Elisa Izquierdo, Krystal Scurry, Keron Owens, Eli Creekmore, Michelle Hampton, Selena Hill.


A Reply to Andrew Vachss' "A Hard Look at How We Treat Children"
Rick Thoma replies to Andrew Vachss' March 29, 1998, article in Parade Magazine. This article appeared in the Summer 1998 edition of Vindicator, the journal of the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

If You Lived Here, You'd be Home Now: The Business of Foster Care.
Article published in the January 1999 edition of the peer-reviewed journal Issues in Child Abuse Accusations.

Several of the articles that appear on Lifting the Veil have also been published in a variety of formats, such as newsletters, as well as having been incorporated as teaching and training curricula.


U.S. Supreme Court Caselaw
A comprehensive collection of Supreme Court cases dealing with the issues of parental rights, liberties and obligations.

Foster Care and Child Welfare Related Testimony
A growing database of Congressional and other testimony by child advocates and industry leaders, including Douglas Besharov, Mark Soler, George Miller, Marcia Robinson Lowry, Richard Wexler and others.

Studies, Surveys and Audits
A continuously updated database of reports on Foster Care, Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, Family Preservation and more. Included are studies, surveys, performance audits, and grand jury reports.

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